Friday, January 31, 2014

Been Busy Creating

I've been ever so busy lately! Here are a few thing that I've gotten done for the shop~~~

Sign me up~~~

These are the drawer blanks that I told you about on my last post "A Few Recent Finds". Used my "French" stencils~~~

Time for a map~~~

I've had this clock forever, the original finish had faded to an ugly color on about half of it.  So I re-faced it with a French map that I antiqued, just Mod Podged it on~~~ 

Hang on what do we have here?

 This is a project that I also want to do for my closet.  I'm in line behind the shop!!!

 This applique was a hollow resin ornament~~~

This is a vintage hanger from the Hotel Mark Hopkins on Nob Hill in San Francisco.  I had initially set this one aside but accidentally painted the back side first, usually don't paint the advertisement hangers~~~

 Fluer de Lis~~~

Crown with bling~~~
Daisy with big bling~~~
 These are wooden appliques I picked up at Michael's a couple of years ago. I've just about used all of them up~~~

Let the light sing~~~

 Wrapped the candles in layers of aged and torn music sheets, burlap, lace, and ribbon. The little hearts are metal buttons! Just tied them on with a thread of burlap~~~

 The crystal candlesticks and glass coasters (these had a fluer de lis in the middle) are just epoxied together with E-6000. I've seen several examples of these on Pinterest. I like them because you can use the chunkier candles in them!!!

A fancy little shabby shade~~~

A fabric flower with an earring center~~~

Row of pearls~~~

 This was a plain ecru colored, 7", bell shade. The collar at the top is actually a lace collar off a blouse, I also used part of the blouse for the flower along with a scrap of lace and an old clip earring that had no mate. The pearls took three tries to finally get them attached the way I wanted. They were just a continuous string that I hand sewed on. The first time I didn't like the placement, the second time they were too short and the last time I didn't cut to length until I was absolutely sure that is where I wanted them.~~~ 

Spaghetti forks?

 No, these aren't spaghetti forks! But I did bend them~~~

 Even stamped them~~~

 And added some vintage photo's~~~


 I did a few of these up for Christmas to sale in the shop and never got to show you. First off I stamped them with my 1/4" metal punches, then moved on to forming the stand. These can be a bit difficult to bend, you need to use an old cloth or something to protect them from the pliers and so you don't scar them all up (and you know how I know this). I had to sand mine lightly to remove the little dents. You have to be patient it takes a bit to get the tines all level, some tines are longer so you have to form differently. I also put a slight backward bend right under the last stamped letter. It catches the light and makes your lettering stand out better. I've already sold the ones I stamped with LOVE and STORY.  STORY was suppose to be SISTER, but I laid my punches out incorrectly and I stamped ST, which became STORY~~~

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  1. I found you on one of your comments and I am so glad that I did. I am going to follow you. You have some great posts - stop by and see my things.
    Have a great day.

  2. Great projects. I love signs and yours turned out fantastic. One of these days I'm going to stamp some silverware. Thanks for the tips

  3. the signs are awesome, and i love the hangers and stamped forks, too!-pinned:) so pretty to add the pearls to the cute shade. you have been busy, mickie! have a great sunday!

  4. Everything is so beautiful! I am swooning over those candles with the sheet music and burlap. Oh my!
    I've seen silverware stamping and using forks as photo holders, but have never seen them paired together. Love it!

  5. Love all your projects especially the stenciled signs, hangers, and forks. I've made the fork picture holders before and I know it's a lot harder than it looks to get them to stand up straight. Love the stamping too:-)

  6. Your creations are beautiful!! Love all of your great ideas.
    Mary Alice

  7. Oh I'm loving those signs and the hangers! Makes me want to get busy with paint.

  8. You creative inspiration pieces are so pretty. I also love your blog header! Love the stenciled signs, but then I am a sucker for a good sign! Thanks for stopping by and liking my junkin finds!

  9. Found you at the Vintage Inspiration Party. Love those forks! You have inspire me to get up and create something. Pinning and sharing.

  10. Thanks for sharing again at Vintage Inspiration Party. Great ideas and I sure need the motivation right now, lol.


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