Monday, January 20, 2014

Hutch Improvement

Picked up this two piece hutch and buffet combo to re-do for the shop. No before  had been used in a laundry room...I mean really used!!! I don't know what detergent they had - but it was an excellent varnish stripper (in spots)...

Here it is now~~~of course I painted it white, my own mix on chalk paint. The drawer fronts and underneath shelf edging I did in a soft version of Valspar's English Meadows that I chalked up. More or less just dry brushed on a light coat of the green. Added the appliques at the very bottom---sanded and painted them first---so much easier that way.  Then gave the whole piece a bit of sanding.  Applied dark wax. Painted the four brass pulls white and added six new crystal knobs.


And of course you're not done till it's over done~~~While working on this I found a roll of wall paper while out junking.   MaKenna, my granddaughter and assistant on such matters, thought it would work wonderfully well~~~and so it does!!! Railroaded the wall paper to prevent vertical seams.


I couldn't resist seeing how it would look when dressed! I'm sure you'll recognize some of my ironstone collection from this post.  Logan, my grandson and also an assistant (turned 11 on Dec. 28th) helped me move it to my store.
 I have strong and knowledgeable assistants~~~


 Thank you for stopping by today~~~
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!


  1. I love it, that green is perfect and the little detailed embellishments.....Perfect! It never hurts to have some knowledgeable assistants!!!

    PS You were right, my chest of drawers WAS an Italian Florentine...See todays post...Thank You!!!


  2. Oh now that is very, very pretty! I love how the color in the background makes all your pretty dishes pop out.

  3. Love it. Adding the wallpaper was a great idea, really makes everything stand out.

  4. Beautiful makeover. That English Meadow is a lovely color and it all goes wonderfully well with your ironstone collection.

  5. What a darling hutch with so many lovely details! You gave it such a cheery makeover that I'm sure it will be snatched up quickly!
    Mary Alice

  6. Great makeover! The soft green is lovely and the wallpaper was a wonderful choice.

  7. What a great finds and a vintage French dictionary!! Wow, I picked up a whole bunch of Victoria magazines recently too...Just waiting to be read!



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