Monday, July 14, 2014

Umbrella Skeleton Clothes Dryer

Huh! You say.

A while back I was at a "Leaving the Country Yard Sale"(fantastic collection of there lifetime). I came across an old wooden table umbrella skeleton.  I immediately thought "clothes dryer", why you ask?  Because it's windy and umbrella's don't work here, the first time you go off to town or work and leave it up you have to go fetch it out of the neighbors yard (or your pond) when you return. And it is always broken!   So I don't do table umbrella's.

Look how compact it is when folded up and it will store away in just a pinch of a spot.

I began my little transformation by washing it down, didn't want the cobwebs to give the impression that my laundry had been hanging out for a long time! I also lightly sanded each arm with a sponge sanding block to get rid of any little wood burrs.

I needed it to extend out level instead of a downward angle, so I had to drill another hole further up the pole.  I just held it up and marked with pencil where the new hole needed to be, making sure to use a drill bit the size of the attached metal hole pin, and added another hole.  Easy Peasy!!!

I already had this heavy cast iron base from the "A table umbrella would look so cute here" days.

The height of the whole thing is about five feet----I'm also five feet.   Great match!

I didn't use any pins to fasten the clothes down (the wind problem again) and I looked out later to see my chickens pecking at the laundry that was all over the ground! Lol, at least it wasn't at the neighbors or in the pond!!!

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