Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Musical Chair and One for the Cards

I found both of these chairs in recent weeks and at different times and different places. Both are in great shape and sound of seat. This one will go as is and the other is getting a makeover!

First up is this piano chair...yep that's what it is, I understand harpists also use these.  They were first made in the late 1800's~~~It's a Victorian thing~~~  This edition was probably made in the 1950's. 

   When I first saw it at the thrift store I thought "someone has hand crafted a piano chair with a back, too funny". Well I shopped some more, took another look at the chair, shopped some more, then bought it and checked out. I'm a sucker for a chair, the odder the better!

 Love the cast iron and glass ball claw feet.

And the beautifully detailed legs.

And Monday when I was out junking, I found this sweet little fold-up chair.
I just love these~~~but~~~I never ever keep them~~~I always sell them, 
go figure!

The wicker back is in excellent shape, in fact the whole chair is very good except for that little blip at the top left.  It was easy peasy to fix. Been seeing a lot of wicker backed chairs being painted lately...

 Love the manufactures name on this one, and it came to me by way of 
New Jersey!!!
This little cutie is way due for a serious makeover. Not going to divulge anymore, it's a surprise~~~I'll show you when I get it done.

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pink Thrifting

Lately it's been white, grey, and PINK in my thrifting/junking finds. I just couldn't resist this Shabby Chic flat sheet and pillow slips with it's dainty little dark PINK rose pattern.

Four little cocktail napkins in what else~~~PINK.  Thinking of ink stamping these with a Paris theme.

PINK and white floral stems that I divided up into two bunches and wrapped and tied into a bow with torn fabric strips.

Love this little pot holder~~~a round one in variegated PINK.

A soft and fuzzy white on PINK chenille twin size bedspread.

What a steal~~~25 cents~~~for this GUCCI handbag in PINK. The inside's had makeup spilled in it (all but a faint trace washed out), but really, who's going to see the inside bottom of this purse? Once I fill it up I won't even see it! By the way they are getting last Gucci bag was $1.00!!!

This is a book that I got at the March library sale. It's so PINK it's almost red! I just realized I chopped off the authors name~~Barbara Shaw. This is a First, North American, 1991 edition, By Timber Press Publishers. It has 64 beautiful color plates that are 9 1/2" x 10 1/2".

And here's a few of those gorgeous color plates of different primroses~~~Just the ones in shades of PINK please!


 Okay, this one's not so much PINK...but what a name!

I"m so excited about seeing this one as I believe it is the same one my sister-in-law gave me a few years was from very old (as in 50 years or better) stock divisions of her mothers. It's very hardy...survives deer munching, drought when I forget to water and a gazillion decaying leaves on top of them all winter.

Besides a delightful name, the veining on the leaves is beautiful.

I find the names fascinating and whimsical, The range and tone of color is amazing they go from deep red to the faintest of PINK, even the white ones are all different shades of white. And the structure of the flowers and leaves are just as varied. I've always liked picture books and this one is very beautiful!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Estate Napkins and Grey Finds

This basket of linen napkins came from a local estate that's over a hundred years old.  I got 17 in all and paid just 50 cents each. All of them are in need of a good soak. 

Just five of these guys. Isn't the circle of flowers around the monogram beautiful?

Eight of this pattern~~~I love this wreath with harp and horn inside. 

Doesn't this one have a lovely and unusual pattern? Just one of these.

Two of this one. Greene Apts. I think is what it says.

One of these with beautiful cut work in one corner and around the perimeter. Do you see the little X's off to each side? The stitching in each corner looks like symbols of some kind.

Got this square cloth with the embroidered edge at the same store. The material is shot but the edging is still fabulous!

I picked up the knives (going to stamp them) and the aluminum moulds and cookie cutters at the Salvation Army.

A complete set in one find!

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lemon Love

 I made lemon curd from this recipe by Ina Garten.  It is absolutely wonderful, especially if you like bits of zest in your curd. You do not strain this mixture.  I've purchased lemon curd for years but this is the first time I have tried making my own. A very necessary tool is a thermometer, you must watch the temperature closely. Do not boil or over cook!!! Since I want to keep this in the refrigerator for as long as possible I sterilized my jars and ladled the mixture into them while they were hot. This recipe does call for refrigeration only.

See the bits of zest~~~

As with anything you cook for the first time you should always try to alter the recipe!!!  The bag of lemons I had purchased apparently had been dropped at some point and I lost all but two lemons.  So what did I do when the recipe calls for three to four lemons? Well, I used a ruby grapefruit for a stand in...and I think it worked marvelously. You do get a taste of the grapefruit. When cooled the creamy texture is a little thicker than pudding.

I just add a big dollop to Greek yogurt, mix  and enjoy.

Next I will be trying to make my own lemon marmalade. Below is the brand I've been using, the color and the consistency are fabulous, but, they left the seeds in and they are quite bitter if you chew one. The Meyer lemons are in stores now and I think they would work really well for the marmalade. Probably should throw in a ruby grapefruit for good measure!

And I also have a recipe on file for Lemoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur to which you add sweetened half & half~~~so diet friendly! And so good!!

Oddly enough Sparkling Lemonade from France came in these bottles. No, I won't be making this many bottles of Lemoncello.  The bottles were to cool to send to recycle. I'll recycle these my own way thank you!!!

When I was growing up my mother would make a lemon pie. Don't know exactly how she went about it. I know she would cut the lemons into paper thin rounds and simmer them with sugar (not a lot this was a really tart pie).  As far as I can remember she baked it with just a bottom crust. My dad and I were about the only ones who would eat it. It was the best pie on earth except for mom's tiny wild black berry dumpling cobbler and nobody turned that down~~~

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