Friday, January 10, 2014

Dog Blanket?

I found this beautiful crochet coverlet in the dog blanket bin at Salvation Army.  I pulled it out and could not believe it - there was nothing wrong that a good washing wouldn't take care of!!! Dog blankets cost $1.00. I know the thrift stores get these in by the dozens and need to move them quickly. I have crochet large pieces before - it's a lot of time and work. So I felt craft bound to save it...

And this one was so pretty!!!

It fits a twin bed wonderfully well, I searched long and hard to find the "just right" combination of bedskirts - I want them to show!!!  The head board was just recently revamped and added. There's not enough room to have a foot board. The night stand was originally a sewing cabinet.

Each perfect square has three flowers (roses) with leaves - blue, lavender, and of course rose. I envy the person who crafted this - I never was able to achieve two squares the same size - so hat's off to you for a crochet coverlet well done!!!


Underneath is a queen duvet that I stuffed a full size feather bed insert into. I tuck the overage under the mattress. It has the prettiest little blue flowers on it.

And underneath all of that there is yet another feather bed that you sleep on, This room tends to get a bit chilly in the winter. Yes I have central heating, but this is an old house~~~

I've finally been able to put up this large round mirror with the etched basket and flowers from the 1940's.  This mirror has a razor sharp edge! The grand kids are old enough to understand that this is just for looks and looking into - no touching...

The "eyebrow" is a (gold) resin piece from the "80's" that I transformed with paint. It hooks over the top as if it were made to do just that! 

See those shelves and petite framed pictures? I don't paint every thing white - just most things.

I also transformed two gold angels for each end of the bed, because some times the kids sleep toe to toe.

I used my powder blush to tint there little
checks and arms and a soft rubbing of light
gold on there wings and hair.

The walls are painted Lavender Mist and the trim is Chantilly lace both by Benjamin Moore.


Over the bed hangs a grey chandelier entwined with beaded greenery. The bed sits in an alcove and this is the back wall. I hung a large GOLD frame with a pair of GOLD metal string instruments and a GOLD framed oval mirror.

Before the remodel, this was a closet (not this big - about one third this size, I stole three very tiny closets to make the alcove).  Well, on the top shelf of that closet was a very old violin in a case. This violin had been handed down to the eldest child for generations. I use to love looking at it.

So the metal violin on the wall is in honor of that memory. Some day, when I'm out junking, I will come across a real one that strikes a cord in my heart!

 A selection of comfy pillows turns this bed into a VERY COZY DAYBED. The pillow on the left was a surprise when I took an embroidered cover off to launder. An insert sewn out of old unbleached flour sacks! Of course I had to keep it.

And when you hop out of bed your feet land on this beautiful swan, velvet wall hanging, with very tattered edges - that I use for a rug.  And so concludes the tale of the "Dog Blanket"....

Happy Hunting and Gathering ~~~ 
and Saving  a Crochet Coverlet!!!


  1. What a fun room to stay in! I love the 40's mirror and you are right. Imagine the hours and skill it took to make it!! I think that so often when I find hand old linen. I am going to check out if my little dresser is an Italian florentine...Some one else mentioned the same thing


  2. Your room looks so warm and inviting. I love the vignette you have on the wall and the purses on the shelves. Beautiful linens at a great prices are so hard to come by. I'm glad you rescued it, a perfect fit on the bed.


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