Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Name

UPDATE:  Be very thoughtful of what you want your blog name to be when designing it, change is not an easy option!!!  All has not went well with my name change. The re-direct doesn't seem to be working (don't know how many if any posts followed me) tried some help pointers online and now I'm even more confused!!! I lost my list of whom I'm following and I think I might have to go back and rejoin all of those sites. Right now I'm just waiting to see if the web crawlers can recognize me and if I can even post from this new blog of mine.

Well, in a short time my blog title will no longer be "A Paris Flea". I've wanted to change the name of my blog for quite sometime now.  I've read online that you have to do it right. There seems to be a lot of steps involved. You need to be sure that the new name is going to can't keep changing your name. I'm prepared for the next step of actually changing.  This is a huge step.

Everything revolves around the name "A Paris Flea", my blog, emails, Etsy and my brick and mortar shop, which, maybe changed down the road.

I no longer feel that the name "A Paris Flea" really works for me or my blog content (I have felt this way for some time).  I even considered just not blogging anymore, but, I like the community I have found here. I know my blog is hard to find due to the fact that it has an "A" for the beginning, I really have to emphasize when telling people about my Blog and Etsy shop that they must type in an "A" first .  Also, there are quite a few blogs and shops out there using the same or a variation of the same name. Of course it's rather difficult to find any name that isn't already being used.
With MaKenna's help I have chosen a new name and we really like it. So I'll be stepping out as~~~~~

"The Speckled Hen Cottage" 

 This new name better suits me, my life, my home, my way of thinking and posting. (I've already made the switch in Etsy). Please, if you have a comment on this let me know...Thanks.

Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~


  1. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog tonight and leaving your nice comment. I like the new name you chose. I look forward to following along.

  2. Oh yes! I love the new name. Very unique and one I would be sure to click on if I saw it in a list.

  3. Good luck with your changes! So many hoops to jump through. The new name for your blog is charming. I read your last post too. Such a pretty 'doggie" blanket. I'm glad you saved it!


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