Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stored Stash

Why, oh why, do we keep things stored away instead of using them? Most utilitarian items should be used, sensibly used, if it was not intended for the dishwasher then wash it by hand. Same goes with laundering an item by hand instead of in the washing machine. These items were meant for use, so sensibly use them. My mother was so proud of her hard earned Pyrex ware, she was a fantastic cook and loved preparing and storing our meals in these beautiful dishes.  She USED them, because that's what she bought them for!

I have these two clear refrigerator dishes that I use all the time, yeah I wash them by hand so they won't turn opaque in the dishwasher.

I also have these colored Pyrex refrigerator containers that I hardly ever use...only when my two clear ones are already in use and I need another one.  Why? Not crazy about the color, well no, they are gorgeous. But, you can't see exactly what's in them without lifting the lid, unless of course, you have an excellent memory. I don't.

I personally don't want to stick tape to my dishware...sort of institutionalizes my fridge! Now in my days of plastic containers...heck yeah, I would take a black marker and clearly date.  Then after several weeks I would carefully place in the garbage...container and contents. I would never throw away my beautiful refrigerator containers...NEVER. So I promptly use or remove before it becomes a bad science project. Therefore my refrigerator looks nice, stays more organized and is less likely to give me food poisoning.

I've also had these beautiful vintage refrigerator containers that have gorgeous  embossed lids. Where did I have these? And why didn't I use them?

Well, I had them in the bottom of my hutch, (where other collections were piled on top) taking up valuable space. They were and are a collection.  I wanted to have several more pieces (unsure of how many I really needed) before I used them.
All but two lids a small square one with vegetables and a small rectangular one with fruit (currently on the lookout for the bottom) are new acquisitions...all the rest...I've had for eight to ten years.

Yes that's right years and years!  Why was I not using them and enjoying them? Because they were my COLLECTION OF REFRIGERATOR JARS FROM THE 1930'S.  And as such they should be kept hidden away in a cupboard forever!

Today I got them out, washed them by hand, photographed them for there staring role, put them away in there special kitchen drawer, and from this day forth will use them faithfully.

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!