Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grey to White Bust

 I found this dark charcoal grey bust with a slight white wash at Ross. Loved the size (11 1/2" x 8") and the price $9.99, the color - not so much. I know, I know, grey's are in...but this dark?

 I've been wanting to try using gesso on a piece and I thought the process would work really nice on this bust.

Her PRETTY FACE!!! Not exactly Grecian...more Country French Farm Girl, oui?

 I like the results, I tamed the intense white of the gesso with an application of dark wax.  It aged it a bit, toned it down and really added to the overall detail. Waxing also gave the bust a soft sheen, gesso tends to be flat looking.  And I achieved a more creamier white, which I prefer.

 When ever I buy a piece that features a face, that's what has to draw me in first. But, quite truthfully it's the braid in the hair that attracted me to this piece. Along with a pretty face!

I've had this pretty lady statue for several years (she's normally in the house but went out for a special photo shoot, she looks really great outdoors in all that natural light - even with her broken neck (found her that way when I was out junking). I've been tempted to tie a scrap of silk or lace around her neck to hide the traumatic injury!!!  She's also resin, but fairly heavy, and tall at 15".

And again she has that Country French farmhouse girl look, oui?  I'm thinking she should go under the brush also - what do you think?

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!


  1. your bust has such a sweet face, and i love that you painted her! i just found a dark one at hobby lobby, and wanted to paint her, but, i was afraid i'd ruin her. yours gives me the strength to try it--tfs! happy new year to you!

    1. Hi Lynn, just wanted to tell you that the first coat will look REALLY BAD, but persevere, with subsequent coats you will achieve the desired look. I had to paint my ladies cheeks and shoulders (any rounded area) in several thin coats that had dried well between each. Good Luck and thanks for stopping by. Best~~~Mickie

  2. Oh yes, much better. I think a little lightening up is just what your gal in the yard needs too. Maybe just a brushing of gesso to highlight all her detail?

  3. Wow - she turned out beautifully! What a find! I may have to venture out to Ross and see if the store near me has one. I love it.



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