Monday, October 26, 2015

'Tis Near Halloween

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween

~Author Unknown

A pictorial tour of my Halloween decorations, starting with the front entry.

Isn't she fabulous?

This big guy sits on the path to the side door. I added the rafia and metal leaf. Those dried leaves behind him are from my very prolific September Flowers.

Brought out the black and silver fluer de lis rug, think it adds a bit of goth to the area.

I ran a string of light under the filigree pumpkins.

I found the old guitar case sometime back and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was fortunate enough to find a skeleton to just fit inside of it. The wreath lights up with purple lights.

The Calla Lily stand in the left picture is actually an old Victorian Remembrance Stand that would have had a deceased's picture displayed on it in the home. The orange pumpkins on sticks in the middle picture were originally maracas that I painted and added faces to. See those little pumpkins nestled in the Spanish Moss? I grew them this year.

The apothecary jar in the left picture is labeled "Gnomes Ear"  and has a find from the compost pile...a twisted dried up melon strip!  I wish I could give credit to the blogger who originally showed this awesome idea, but have since lost the link.  The bittersweet that you see is from a friend who harvested some on her trip to the mid-west last year. I store it with those little silca packs to keep out the moisture. I also wrapped one up in the melon rind.

The pumpkin picture lights up. The books to the right are Runner, The House of Seven Gables & The Murmuring Portrait . I haunt all the library book sales for volumes to use in my decor.

The clock case had no clock when I found it, so when I came across the stained glass pumpkin in my Halloween stash, I just popped it in and added some lights in the back. The Harvest Moon picture on the far right is an original piece of art that I found over 35 years ago.

Got to count the days down!  The brass shoe on the right is styled like a Conquistador's Stirrup. The star and buckle sold me immediately.

The next photos are just inside the house proper...I've love black glass and have limited my collection to just candle holders and one small plate. I always display these here on the console table.

Please ignore the white birds and candle sconce...I thought I was finished with this area!

Isn't that spider below just  the thing? A Dollar Tree find!

The square candle holder is the only one I found this year. Aren't the ghost candles adorable, they're sitting on my one and only black plate that I elevated with a candle holder. The framed witch picture is sitting on the one that started the collection!!!

Next up is the small library table that is in a room just beyond the wall you see above.

No matter what I did my old metal candelabra just wouldn't stand straight...oh well, it is Halloween!
The pumpkin in the right picture is sitting on a deck of French Taro Cards.

 I added a few drops of clove and cinnamon essential oil to the top part of the vine pumpkins. It's smells just like pumpkin pie in here!
 The pumpkin is an enameled covered pail that I found years ago, I added the black cat's head bell.

To the right of the library table is the dining area.

I've had these beaded place mats for years, found them at T J Maxx.

Orange mercury glass mason jars that I'm using battery operated flicker lights in.

This area is just out the french doors. I used the hole in the middle of the table to run all the electrical cords through. 

Thanks for coming along on the tour. If you have any questions on how I did something or what something is just send me an email.

And there you have it ~~~~ my Halloween House.
~~~A Jolly Halloween to you~~~