Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Estate Sale Makeovers

Or should I say "stencil overs"!!!

This is three of the many items I got at a great estate sale in Coquille.  Got my Maison de Stencils (see this post for link) out and my other supplies and in no time had done up the ironing board, drawer and screen (my favorite).

I placed a thick book under the screen, as it did not lay flush with the floor. Placed my stencil, pounced a combo of light yellow and medium yellow and left slightly empty space onto the stencil, removed stencil and immediately cleaned along with the brushes.

I have three more of this style screen some worse for wear and one that is narrower and has no dividers and the screen is in great condition .  Others I stencil will have letters missing to correspond with the missing screen...should be interesting doing those.

Next up  was the ironing board...those old wooden ones are really heavy!!!

I sort of measured and I sort of just eyeballed it. I tried to center with the boards (it would have dissected the fluer de lis) but it seemed to take away from the stencil, so I offset it just a bit.  I used very black, and tomato red. I first ponced on the black leaving areas undone, then went over with the red.  I should have allowed more dry time for the black, when I put the red on it tended to muddy a bit and I had to recover with the black.  Yes, the stencil cleaned up very nicely!!!

You can see some of the red in these two pictures.

But all in all I like very much how it turned out...what do you think?

Just acquired the white flower cart, it's going to be my new area for displaying linens. It's quite tall and has a green and white striped awning for the top

And we all should have a drawer like this one!!!

The drawer was more of a challenge as I did not want to trim the stencil to fit inside of it.  I tried to keep an even pressure but the "e and g" in everything were not as crisp as I would have liked. I tried to clean them up a bit, but then decided to leave well enough alone.  These were fun and exciting projects to do.  And the best part is, I have three new pieces that you will not find anywhere else for my shop.

Thank you for stopping by~~~Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!