Friday, May 1, 2015

A May Day Garden Walk

Just a little stroll on this gloriously sunny day, this very first one of May!

Okay, lets get started~~~

See all of those yellow and green specks? They come off the maple tree in the billions. The pond is just to the left and it's a total mess this time of year.  Lets follow the stone path to the side of the house.  Note to self...small yummy strawberries are blooming!

A stone pagoda nestled among two different varieties of Lungwort.

A crystal toadstool~~~yard glass art is fun to make and inexpensive when you thrift the pieces!

Lets go over to the green refuse/mulch area and check out the "I MADE IT AFTER ALL" survivors!

Ohhh! the Calla Lilie's are doing rather nicely here! I see September Flowers to the left, and an Elephants Ear in back to the right and few more Callas way in back. A yellow pond lily in the foreground that is about to bloom, guess it didn't need as much water as the tag said! These are all cast offs that were either doing extremely well or looked as if they wouldn't make here in the dead and dying bucket.

I love the crepe paper look of Rockroses and better yet the deer don't seem to care for them!

 Lets go on through the arbor!

The wisteria is finally getting a foot hold and starting to cover the top. The deer keep the lower part trimmed up very nicely!

I've trained a small white rose along the fence and across the top of the bird feeders. It will be in full bloom soon!

 These Olearia were sale plants last year...just bought one more "on sale" this year to plant to the left. The white roses are just above them along the fence.

Just a wee little break here, the ivy underneath this bench has the best little morsels! Oh, just go on with out me!!!

Both of these Rhododendrons are on the other side of the fenced area. They were ruffed up quite a bit several years ago when a big tree had to be taken down here.  With time and the fine spring weather we've had this year they are spectacular. I ordered a 1/2 load of "horse chips" to mulch underneath these and other plants and beds, already done the Rockrose area.

Back in the yard proper again. My son-in-law mowed last night (thanks sweetie, YOU ARE THE BEST) and I was suppose to edge today! The front entry stairs are just to the right.

A secret watering hole hidden among the branches of the Variegated Wigela!
German Chamomile that seeded itself along the front steps.

Baby Blue Eyes growing along the rock path to the side entrance. I started with five small plants and have divided them each year until the whole length of the walk way is edged on one side.

 I thought this photo to pretty to toss just because it had cobwebs!

Purple flowering Clematis vine, Jackmanii...I think! They're a darker purple than in the photos.


~~~Without cobwebs~~~

I planted a bunch of Irises in a pot one year, they didn't do anything so I dumped the pot that fall into a flower bed.  Viola! they have come up every spring since. They've got moved around a wee bit as I dug and shifted things around.

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Ivy & Elephants

~~~Thanks for popping in and strolling around the garden with me~~~
Happy May Day!!!


  1. I really enjoyed spending some time in your gorgeous garden!

  2. Oh Mickie,
    Thank you so much for the beautiful tour around your lovely garden. Spring has most definitely sprung. Happy May.



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