Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Makeover For 2014

I'm going to squeak one more post in before 2015.  I decided at the last minute to freshen up the bookcase and the bathroom. I've been wanting to get this done for quite sometime.  So I rolled up my sleeves and set to work!!! It's been a grueling few days---but I'm so Happy with the results.

Up first is the built in book case.  I did this paint and stencil treatment back in it was time for a re-do.
I liked the stenciling, but you really couldn't see it when all the books were in place. My dad built this and I never really wanted to paint the wooden shelves that he had lacquered. But time had taken it's toll on them and they need to be re-lacquered or painted.  I can't do lacquer...I don't even use oil based paint. I knew I wanted to go lighter and brighter. So I rummaged around in my surplus supply of paint and came up with a light grey pint of latex miss-matched paint.

Liking it already! Let's fill  those shelves up!!!



There's the bookshelf all done~~~and to the left is a wee glimpse of the bathroom. Ready for a tour?

Here's a few before pics. Starting at the entrance...this finish (lacquered) has seen better days!

This cabinet isn't getting a makeover this time...still like it as is~~~
and the rugs staying.

You can't tell, but the walls are a taupe color.

See that beautiful gown the damsel in the middle is wearing? That color inspired my paint choice. A rosy, slightly peachy tone.

And here they are, my Benjamin Moore paint choices . Chantilly Lace for the trim and Rose Reflection for the walls, well it was suppose to be Rose Reflection but the test patch was way to pink for that tiny space. So I added white and it's between Pink Swirl and the RR, on three walls. And added more white again so it's Pink Swirl on the fourth big wall.
~~~And here's the finished space~~~

 The medicine cabinet got an update with a couple of coats of Chantilly Lace. 
After adding this pic to the post I realized I had forgot to change out the little night light.
 Now that's better!

The picture in the background is a very large and vintage post card of
Glastonbury Abbey in England. The book under the lamp is a 1915 edition of Scott's Lady of the Lake and is inscribed "Miss Alice Ekblad, Marshfield, Oregon. It was a volume from the local high school that I also attended some 50 year later...Marshfield High School.

This shelf is a new addition above the sink, it was gold colored - now it's white and distressed a bit. A perfect place for a Frog Prince to sit!

 This shelf used to be under the knight and damsel picture, it got freshened up with a coat of white paint and a little distressing.

 The pink glass Eiffel Tower was a gift from a dear friend
 who visited Chicago last Autumn.

The shelf is different here, this is how I bought it. Had it stored (of all places) under my bed!

 ~~~I absolutely adore Italian Florentine boxes~~~
I only buy them when I'm out thrifting, which limits my finds!!!

 This sword use to be above the window.

 Switched the old hook out for this crown...goes with the royal theme!

I transformed this little table years ago, the medallion is plaster of paris. I made a mold in clay of the original and casted this one myself, then attached the crystal and glued it in place! 

The small picture is an Italian Florentine with convex glass.
My grand daughters make these little nests out of grass during the fall.

 Yes, those are rhinestone clip earrings gathering up the valance. 

Well that's my major makeover for the year, like I said just squeaking it in. I'm loving the new light and refreshed look of everything.  The only thing I bought for this makeover was the paint, everything else I already had. So this was a very budget friendly re-do!!!

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Happy New Year!!! 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Joyeux Noel

Taking shelter from a sudden snowstorm

There is a tradition, originating from Iceland or Germany, about birds and Christmas. The bird has always been a symbol of luck and fortune. Because of that, there was a belief that a bird’s nest was also a source of that luck. So finding a bird’s nest in a tree that had been selected for Christmas was a sign that the family would have good luck and health throughout the year.

Decorative candles from this post with Fairey lights and white poinsettias.

Getting ready for 2015 All the best to you~~~Mickie

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!