Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roll and Sew

I have discovered the most amazing little attachment for the sewing machine. 

Isn't it cute!!  I found it while out thrifting.  It was in the hardware section in a bag of useless, broken things. Yeah, I look at everything. Hey, you never know what you'll find.

I know the rollers help the fabric move more easily over the feed dogs. But little did I Know how easy. I went up over the double thick side seams and didn't miss a stitch. I didn't break the thread and most importantly I didn't break the needle.  Nope, not one needle in hemming all of these pants. My personal best!

I usually have to stock up on needles, for I will go through 3 or 4 before I just give up and quit.  I use to have a this piece of plastic that you would position in front of and/or behind the needle to help get over the seam thickness.  It skipped stitches and occasionally I would sew right over it as in breaking the needle by sewing plastic. The other way was to try and force that thick side seam through the feed dogs~~~you just break needles doing that. And my final option was just wear the pants as they were.

Now I can wear these pants and they won't drag the ground, it was just a smidge~~~but it drove me nuts. When pants touch the ground they soak up water and it rains alot here. Soggy hems are kind of unattractive.

Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~

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