Thursday, December 25, 2014

Joyeux Noel

Taking shelter from a sudden snowstorm

There is a tradition, originating from Iceland or Germany, about birds and Christmas. The bird has always been a symbol of luck and fortune. Because of that, there was a belief that a bird’s nest was also a source of that luck. So finding a bird’s nest in a tree that had been selected for Christmas was a sign that the family would have good luck and health throughout the year.

Decorative candles from this post with Fairey lights and white poinsettias.

Getting ready for 2015 All the best to you~~~Mickie

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Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!


  1. Gorgeous Christmas displays! Merry Christmas! and wishing you a wonderful 2015


  2. What a sweet tradition. Beautiful Christmas decor Mickie. Happy New Year.


  3. So pretty! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and you're enjoying the rest of the holiday season.


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