Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Stars Aligned

Way back last year in November, I did a post about winning a gift certificate from Parrot Uncle Lighting over at Charm Bracelet Diva's, Vintage Charm Party, you can check out Kathleen's post here. 

Well  the item was shipped during the holidays so it took a little longer than normal for it to arrive, just a few days before Christmas. I couldn't schedule my electrician until after the Holidays. We finally agreed upon a date that we could both be available and here he is, Lloyd, of Lloyd Electric installing the pendants I won.

 In no time at all he had both pendants in place.

When Lloyd came last week to install he was unfamiliar with (and didn't have) the can/pot light conversion/adapter kit. So we re-scheduled for yesterday and I made a dash to Roseburg Home Depot to pick up a couple.  The kits were easily installed and Lloyd is up to date on this "How To"!!!

I took this photo in the early evening with no other lights on.  The Edison Bulbs I chose have more of a golden hue to them, since I don't need these to provide a lot of light, it's perfect.  And after it got fully dark these were just beautiful.  It was like having several candles glowing in the kitchen.

Here they are in the morning light...the look is exactly like I envisioned when I placed my order with Parrot Uncle Lighting. I choose more of a farm house, just got electricity style that is very similar to what would have been used back in the day. Follow the link and check out the modern to retro styles this company has to offer.

I love how these sort of look like metal flowers!

And oohlala that wasn't all that got hung up!!!

I've had this little beauty for quite some time just sitting around in a big box, wrapped in a blanket, in my bedroom.  I bought it over a year ago from a junk shop in Bandon.  It hung in the window of my shop until I closed last June.  I knew exactly where it was going...over my dining room table.   But that plan had a few twists and turns. The current occupant was a very large and heavy ceiling fan and as you can see this ceiling is a bit higher than average. Also the chandelier also had some having no canopy to attach it to the ceiling. Projects and time quite often just slip away...know what I mean?

The block of wood you see was the extension the carpenter came up with when he installed (after the ceiling had been painted) the fan/light.  This summer I'm getting a new color in my kitchen so it will finally get painted!!! 

The fancy canopy was actually the top of an ornate hanging light. When I couldn't find what I thought I wanted, I resorted to using this. It was brass and I spray painted it Blossom White by Rustoleum and used some Rub & Buff in light gold. But the best part was I was able to utilize several holes to hang some long thin crystals.  Oh, yeah...more bling!

Because of the way it had to be wired I needed something to cover up the connections.  So I sewed up a simple sleeve to fit over the wiring and chain. Both Lloyd and his helper, Elliot, (who rouched the sleeve with great care) thought it was the crowning touch and proceeded to take pictures to show other clients how to "fancy up" a chain.

And here we are in the evening, I don't have quite as bright a light as before...but, oh it's so much prettier!!!
So...I had to wait until the stars aligned! And they aligned very nicely!

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 Disclosure: I received a free product from Parrot Uncle to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.