Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Decorative Only Candles

Do you remember the bunches of plastic-resin grapes from the late 60's? Did you know they apparently made candles also?  I found these three translucent mossy green candles with flecks of glitter in them at my local Salvation Army Thrift.
At first glance I passed on them because I have enough candles...because of my asthma I don't light them unless an emergency.  On the next pass by I picked them up...just for a closer inspection...and was surprised at the feel and weight of them. These weren't your ordinary "run of the mill" candles!  When I held one up to the window...Oh My! It was gorgeous!!!.  So in the cart they went. Got all three for .75 cents (plus my 10% off discount ~ making them .67 cents). I really need to figure out how to put the cent symbol in.
With the holidays just around the corner I think these will look very pretty in my three arm candelabra.
I'm  thinking a strand of battery operated fairey lights tucked in around the greenery.
The wick is gold threaded, they're very blingy!

Now these are a little bit to small for this candelabra, so to keep them steady and upright, I use a product called Stick-Um Candle Adhesive, made by Fox Run Craftsman, Ivyland , PA 18974 USA. I have no affiliation with this company...I just like the product and how well it works.
You just take a small amount and roll it into a pea size shape then press it onto the bottom of the candle...any candle. As I did in the above picture, it's the white substance where I checked. Then press candle firmly into holder positioning it as you like. Easy-peasy clean up with soap and water. This product came in really handy for a candelabra that had one slightly crooked holder and no way to bend it back without breaking it.

Thanks for popping in...
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!