Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Peep Keepers

Okay...first off this is a picture tutorial and I will try to explain how I did it.

First you need an old canning jar with a lid and metal bail. This is what I liked visually when done and I was more comfortable working with heavier glass.

Second you need chicken wire. I don't know what gauge I used since it was a piece given to me and was unlabeled (the holes measure 1" so I think that is the gauge).  But it should probably be no more than one inch holes. Smaller gauge might also look good.

Wire cutters, small jewelery pliers, regular needle nose pliers and gloves.

Please read the next few paragraphs closely to get a sense of how it goes together before you start~~~

For this to work properly you will need the top heavy edge of the wire for the top of the jar. As I said mine was a piece so it only had one good edge. You want a nice smooth finish.

The two most important points to remember now, is to dry fit around the middle (largest part) and cut one to two spaces over.  You need to also cut one to two spaces longer than needed.  Be careful when cutting it is really easy to stray over into another row. Don't short yourself...go long!  We'll fix that gaping top in a moment!!!

I don't know how to exactly explain how I weaved it together. When I was a kid I use to watch my father patch wire fencing and was fascinated how he put it back together. And that pretty much is how I know...it's a good memory.

Small mouth pint with overlay and twist and tail weaving at seam.

Large mouth pint twist to twist weaving at seam.

I tried to match up the spaces so they were in line. Then I clipped one side of the tails off the twist and used my small jewelery pliers to manipulate the wire under and around trying to tuck all ends under. When I did the quart jar (no pic) it was a combination of twists and tails that I weaved together. The large mouth pint was twist to twist weaving and the small mouth pint was overlayed and a combination.

 See the twisted section...that's the twist. Now, see the the pieces of wire sticking up in a "V"...that's the tails. Make your snips so you have tails.

Then I moved to the bottom and gently shaped the wire around the rolled edge of the jar. Don't pull or you will stretch out the wire. I just continued snipping, twisting and tucking, trying to stay in a straight row.  I gently tapped the bottom of the wire covered jar with my rubber handled pliers to get the little pokeys to lay flat. Could use a rubber mallet for this also.  Mine was in the garage...don't go out there after midnight~~~

 See how I used those "tails" to twist together to close the bottom? The middle is slightly concave and if you can  close in that area it will sit much nicer.
Weaving the top edge together takes a little more patience as you have a heavier double wire, the metal bail and the contours of the jar. Don't try to take up all the slack.

Now to take up that slack at the top.  I used my regular size needle nose pliers to grasp the wire and gently twist back on itself (you're sort of making an "S" shape).  You're going to do this twice and it doesn't have to be tight just snug. I chose spots that were not to conspicuous to the front of the jar.  Again, gently tap to lay flat. You can at this point move the wire casing around just a bit to align your seam down the back of the jar.

The best point I could give you is to dry fit and study how the wire lays, that is going to tell you how to weave it together. Pay attention to where your making your snips. Don't pull overmuch on the wire or you will lose the shape of it. Just go slow and thoughtful...it will come together. That is pretty much "how I did it".  I so hope this makes sense to all of you~~~

Now all you have to do is fill it with peeps!!!  

I was so dissapointed when I went to buy the marshmallow peeps all they had were marshmallow rabbits...so I got speckled malt eggs instead!!!

Thank you for Popping in~~~
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!! 


  1. Love anything chicken wire ... Good job and nice tutorial.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Wow, you're pretty talented to be able to work so well with all that wire! I have the same large jar, love them too. And as much as I love Peeps, I do think the eggs probably look nicer! Thanks for sharing. xoKathleen

  3. These are so much fun! Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial. Pinning it.


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