Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry & White Christmas Trees

I was in the Dollar Store awhile back and inspiration struck!  I'm loving the bottle brush trees that seem to be everywhere this year. Below is what I created using 98% items from the $ store.

Except for the bag of corks (got them at the thrift store) everything you see here came from $ store. The little mini buckets are in the wedding section (come with ribbon and tag) and are a perfect container for the trees.

The blinking necklaces I got for the beaded chain and gifted the G'kiddos with the blinking part (worked for all of us). The little chain garland will go around two trees. I hot glued at beginning, a couple of dots in middle and at the end. You want the garland to sit on the little branches not disappear inside. Tried to end up with start and stop at what would be back of tree. So don't cut before finished.

Next I glued a cork into bottom of each bucket. A wine cork could also be used, a small piece of wood doweling. You just want to bring the height of the tree up.

I trimmed off the little circles from the length of garland, it looked to fussy and overwhelming for me. I measured loosely around bottom of tree,  made my cut, then dabbed a spot of glue to join, slipped it over the base, make sure joining is in back, and then glued tree base to cork, making sure bucket bail was in front!!! 

These are items I all ready had on hand. I was all set to use this beaded wire garland but it just disappeared into the tree. As for the silver string...well it took me 15 minutes with tweezers to pull it all out from one tree. So I didn't use those two items. As you can see I have a large jar of jingle bells I picked out a size that worked really well. Using the ribbon that comes with the little buckets I slipped the bells part way up,  tied the middle to the bail and spot glued the bells to the bucket. I gave the ribbon a twist and extra slack before gluing. I only adorned the larger size of the two trees, I felt it was to much on the smaller ones. Fluff the garland around the bottom and your good to go.  I'm sure you ladies can think of a dozen more ways to decorate these little guys. Have fun with it!!!

In no time at all you can have yourself a little forest of 
Merry & White Christmas Trees.

Thank you for popping In!!!
Happy Hunting, Gathering & Crafting!!! 


  1. Oh so cute these bottle brush trees are, love their white buckets, they look great in numbers here.
    Thank you dearly for taking the time to visit me and my French theatre. I have been making them for years and try to come up with different styles and themes.

    Going to love getting to know your better.


    A Joyeux Noël


    1. Thank you! I encourage all to go take a peek at Dore's beautiful Gypsy Mice French Theater.~~~it is absolutely delightful~~~

  2. Hey where is your dollar tree store? There are three within 2 miles of my home and not of them ever got in bottle brushes let alone white? may be you can pick me up about six and i can reimburse you for it these were perfect mini wiinter wonderlands.just so cutesusie

    1. We have two Dollar Tree stores, one in North Bend and one in Coos Bay. And you have to check both of them as they each carry different items. When I go to Florence I check that one as it also has different items. If you ask for something and say " North Bend had these" they tell you to shop online and have delivery to your nearest store. All three stores have told me this so it must be standard reply. Have you tried online? I could look here for some but they were getting really scarce...and that was two weeks ago. They've had them displayed since Halloween. Give me a shout back if you'd like me to look~~~Mickie.

  3. Yon know, now I regret not getting more of those bottle brush trees from the Dollar Tree store. What was I thinking?! Hee, hee, hee. Your little Christmas tree creations turned out beautiful. Love them.


  4. I guess we were lucky to find them in our respect stores, Susie Holler left a comment that neither of her stores had them.

  5. Cute, cute, cute! I love bottle brush trees and these are so much fun...and thrifty too.

  6. oh, i wish my store had these trees! these are the cutest, mickie! thanks for sharing with creating christmas, and have a merry christmas!

  7. Super cute! Love what you did with the trees. Thanks for sharing with Creating Christmas. Have a very Merry one!


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