Monday, July 2, 2012

And I Sprayed Everything White

Part Two of the Marathon Trilogy

I'm in love ~ with my new paint sprayer.

I was able to quickly prime, sand and get the first coat of finish paint on in one afternoon. And since were having such inclimate weather here that is a very good thing.  You gotta love them power tools.  You also might notice a few more pieces to the stack.  I had already brush primed once, I do two coats, the two drawer night stand and picture frame.  And here are the pieces with there first coat of finish paint.


A lot of white huh?

I used Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer and Benjamin Moore Premimum Flat White in my Command Max sprayer.  It took a few times to get the consistency right, but went smoothly after that.

This went so fast that I was able to brush prime my deck table and the legs of this little round table. The deck table has an old cast iron Singer sewing machine base and to move it where I could use my sprayer would of been kind of difficult, then you got to move it back. Those little round legs would of been a challenge to use the sprayer on also.  So I'm not throwing away my brushes just yet!!!

I primed and painted 10 pieces of furniture and 1 picture frame!!! Ahhh, the sun was shinning, the birds were singing...It was a beautiful day! 

 Comming soon ... "How I Finished and Embellished" ... Part III of the Marathon Trilogy

~~~Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~

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  1. Oh, I have not been to your blog before...Have I? I am your official second follower, you are going to do fabulous, great posts and pictures. Have you been to a blog called Debbiedoos? She has newbie Monday every Monday, you should link up, you will get tons of new friends and followers. The paint sprayer...OMG I love it! I feel like I have fooled the spray can gods every time I crank it up! I do, like you, and get a whole bunch of projects and do them all at once. Good Luck to your great new blog, don't hesitate to holler if you need any help or have any questions!



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