Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swap Meet Finds


Stopped in at the Green Spot, a local swap meet. It's inside at an old re-purposed department store so they have room for about two dozen vendors, but it's probably closer to 50 different vendors that sell . You never know which vendors will show up and be selling. So it's a lot of fun to go in and look around. The Green Spot itself even has a little cafe and this week they were serving Philly Beef & Cheese sandwiches. YUM! 
So without further ado here are the lovelies I brought home with me.

Isn't this little porcelain tea set the most darling thing you ever seen~~~A tea pot, creamer, covered sugar, 5 cups and 4 saucers. Made in Bavaria, W. Germany by Eberthal. I paid $10.00 for the set. It is so pretty with the dainty little flowers and it's petite size.   I knew the granddaughters would love this for our tea parties.  In fact Ciara, my youngest granddaughter has already laid claim to it. Someday she will sit down to tea with her grand children and another child will lay claim to the set.

 This little reverse painted picture on convex glass was actually my first purchase at $4.00. This one has a colored scene background. I usually re-sale these, but I'm quite taken with this one so I think It's a keeper.


 My last find was this metal clad suitcase in perfect condition inside and out and no musty smell!!!  When I spotted it the vendor had a bunch of knit hats displayed in it, so I asked her if it was for sale, she said "yes, it's $13.00" and took the hats out so I could get a better look. I hadn't  realized when I first saw it that it was metal, in fact this is a first for me.  It's the perfect size to hold my crafting supplies at 10" X 18" X 6 1/2" deep.  When I first spotted this I had assumed it was a knock-off , these little suitcases were imported and sold by the gazillions a few years back. So always take a second, closer look, and like me you might just find a little jem.

The vendor told me that she remembered her grandmother using this case all the time when she traveled. She must have taken great care with it.

Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~


  1. Beatuiful set! thanks for joining the newbie party. I do not see my link or button anywhere. Please in the future do add that so that others know you joined in and also know about the party too. Happy 4th to you!

    1. Help! I'm truly a newbie. Could you please email me back with directions on how to link or your button? Thanks so much...Mickie

  2. Wow, you hit the jackpot on those!! The suitcase and reverse painting....Yep, I would keep shopping there!

    Hey Mickie, I see Debbie left you a message, did you know that she will not get a reply you put here on the comments unless she comes back and looks? I think Debbie has a tutorial on her blog on how to link up, if not, let me know and I could tell you how



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