Saturday, May 26, 2012


Black & White Photo's, Pin Frogs & Glitzy Buttons

I don't recall where I seen this idea of using florists pin frogs as photo holders, but I did store away the idea and piece by piece it has come together.


First it was the truck pics (I love old trucks) and just two pin frogs.  When I was growing up dad had an old 1949 Chevy truck and a 1951 Ford truck.  So when I seen these truck photos at a garage sale I had to bring them home with me.

Some where along the way I collected this picture post card of a group of men and women on a nature hike through an orchard. A popular pastime in the Victorian Era of the late 19th  and early 20th century.  I like the un-posed scene and the dress of the men and women. It's a sepia tone photo and the length fits quite nicely on this frog.

I unearthed  this treasure amongst a box of family photos from days gone old black and white photo of my mom and her good  friend Lillian (mom is on the right).  I have so many fond memories of Lillian"s visits with mom. 

And by this time I had also found a few more pin frogs.

One day I was adding some glass and glitzy buttons to my stash and as sometimes happens I found myself at the wrong place...But at the right time...I was standing in front of the photo of mom and Lillian. I looked down into my hand and chose the big black button with rhinestones and slipped the shank over a pin in the frog. Then came the smaller black faceted one and small leather covered button.  I instantly knew this was right, it gave the ensemble a shabby elegance...JUST MY STYLE. 

Neither women would have worn such an overstated rhinestone button...but both would have stopped and picked it up. It's so fitting to be placed at there feet.  

And that's how the glitzy buttons got involved!

This is just a very small collection...I really don't see it getting any bigger...But the pleasure will always be great!

Hope this gives you some ideas to contemplate...
Thanks for popping in~~~
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!

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