Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Red Tulips For My Kitchen

 Have you ever bought something specifically for another reason than for someone else, for your booth space, or maybe your shop...and then decided to keep it? Do you think me selfish in keeping these for myself?

I got these two doors, ridiculously cheap, when I was out thrifting a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend I brought them in to clean and ready for the shop.  I laid them on my kitchen work table, the sun was streaming in through the french doors and I thought fleetingly "these are so beautiful I should keep 'em, maybe hang them in the side windows".  Nope, I bought them for the shop and that's where they are going!!!

At this point I decided to make myself a tea...when I opened the cupboard door (and it wasn't even the one below) the little ball that was rolling around in my head finally found it's niche.    I WANT  glass front cupboards for my kitchen, I've WANTED them for a long time, BUT I WANT VINTAGE glass front cupboards, not exactly easy to find here. But in the mean time (translates into forever) I can use these beautiful leaded glass red tulip doors on my cupboard above the cook stove.


This is the only cupboard on this whole wall...and it's one more than there use to be when I was growing up.  My late husband and I bought and installed these cabinets back in August of 1989...not exactly the style I would choose today. In the years since I've made some changes like having the ceiling raised to a more conventional height and added pot lights for better lighting and french doors to a covered deck.. I've just never put the effort out to re-do the cabinets.
And that blogland is when the realization struck! I could have a start on my glass front cupboards!!! I had my grandson, Logan, hold one up while I determined if it would work and I also snapped a few pics. 

YES!!! They will work and they are going to look fantastic. I have a few pops of red in my kitchen already.  A few minor modifications will have to be made, these are not as wide (they cover the opening but that's it), so in the middle where they meet I'll have to put in a decorative molding strip to lessen the gap in between. These changes will necessitate painting the tulip frames and the cupboard, I'm thinking white with a dark wax to age it a bit.

And when I find two VINTAGE GLASS FRONT  CUPBOARDS for the other side they will also be white (unless I really like the color I find them in). None of my cupboards have handles/hardware, again, just never got further than looking at pictures of hardware, so I'll have to look through my stash to find just the right ones for these.

Now I think I'm motivated to finish a large cabinet/shelf that I bought 4 or 5 years ago, painted last summer, and just have never finished (distressing, waxing and hanging).  It's going on the same wall, just to the left above the's only function will be to hold vintage treasures.

Seal of approval from Logan, he thought they would look very nice and that I should keep them!!!

Happy Hunting and Gathering, and Keeping~~~until next time!!!


  1. It's amazing that those pretty cabinet doors are a perfect fit. It was meant to be:-) Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. LOVE how you used these doors. I'm so glad you kept them for yourself. I do that all the time!! Then when I'm over something or find something better, it goes in the shop. Isn't that one of the perks of selling?? :-))
    Mary Alice

  3. I agree with Logan. You won't find anything prettier than those windows and as a dealer myself, what is the point of finding great stuff if we don't enjoy some of it for ourselves once in awhile. Those were a great find. Enjoy them.

  4. Oh goodness, they are centainly meant to be yours and look perfect! I keep my treasures all the time, I often don't realize it when I buy it, but somewhere through the bringing it home, getting it ready for the booth process, I decided they have to stay! Great find


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  6. Just stopped in to say hi! I so appreciate you stopping by!



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