Sunday, August 25, 2013


Precious Metals

Thought I would show you a small gathering of what I've found when out and about junking.

 I found three vintage potato mashers with wood handles and three pressure cooker weights (look for weights on ETSY)!!!

One of each of the following: A strainer with most of the red paint still on the wood handle, a pretty oval silver plate tray, a very ornate, footed, silver plate, oval bowl (just got in La Lavande soaps in my shop~~~they will look extra special displayed in this, they smell absolutely wonderful), a Graniteware pie pan, and an all metal oval basket with leaves around the middle (I'll be using this for fall displays).

It was a kind of weighty, mashed, strained, oval day, that just kept heating up.!!!

This cute stainless steel tea kettle, that has the nicest sounding whistle, got a special photo shoot all of her very own!

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