Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thrifting Finds

Not to busy to stop in at a few of my favorite thrift stores.

Ciara, my grand daughter and I popped in to Restore-Habitat for Humanity. Found some 3" black numbers, folding tape measure, brass window locks that I'm going to use as peg hooks on a weathered board. An awesome stool, a rather short floor lamp wood spindle and a cast iron base, and 4 plywood headstones for Halloween (no pics).

MaKenna (she's the older sister to Ciara)and I stopped in at the Salvation Army this morning. Got a galvanized bait bucket, a corner shelf and a small stand that I'm going to paint and display necklaces on.  Two perfume flasks the silver looking one sort of looks like mercury glass and a 1966 April plate from West Germany
After I closed the shop, Kenna and I stopped in to South Coast Thrift (a Hospice store).  First off, before you ever go in the building they had a basket of padded hangers for 10 cents each.  So of course I got all of them (20 for two bucks). I found a few doily's, and an old wood handled file with bits of red paint still attached. Some house numbers (really been finding a lot of these in different sizes and materials) and these hinges and hasps that have a fluer de lis design. And finally a really cool headboard. The headboard is going white and I'm going to use it in the guest room.

My favorite's
odds & ends

published in 1818
wonderful worn cover & patina'd pages

But the best find came from the Salvation Army.  I found this almost 200 year old book.

 I  would like to send a big thank you to Carol over  here at The Polka Dot Closet. Changing to Firefox worked. With her kind help I'm able to upload my pictures in compose instead of HTML, which did strange things~~~and I'm back in blogland!!!

Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!

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  1. Aren't you sweet for the shout out!!! So glad you are back in business! What great finds! Oh that book is quite the treasure and I love perfume bottles, oh and the stool is perfect!!



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