Sunday, January 13, 2013

Double Dressing

Two pillow slips are better than one.  At least in this case.

I got these pretty Battenberg Lace trimmed pillow slips a few years ago while out junking. I tried them out but the lack of coverage kind of put me off. So I stuck them in them in the linen chest and forgot all about them.

These cuties I bought in Eugene, when I was visiting my sister.  Stuck them in the linen chest also.

Well this fall I was sorting through the chest and separating out the pillow slips into there very own wicker storage case, when I came back across them again. I tried them on a pillow, but still didn't care for how they looked.  So I put them off to the side to maybe make into something else.  I also put the other cuties off to the side to put on when I re-made the bed. (I had sort of forgot I had them),have you ever done that???

Linen Chest & Pillow Slip Case. Very top is an early 1800's Valuables Box
While I was finishing up I was also thinking what I could make with the lace slips. I had been wanting do to up a couple of ticking throw pillows, how would they look with a cozy,lace shrug~~~hmmm~~~cut a bit off, maybe gather up the sides, then have the lace part smooth out and have a good bit of vertical ticking showing at the bottom.  That is when inspiration struck!  I put the other longer slip on a pillow then I pulled the Battenberg Lace slips over that and voila!!!

I know these aren't real Battenberg Lace, they are just inexpensive knock-offs that happen to be to short to cover the pillow adequately. But until I can find the real thing I'll be using these. I really like how they look when paired together. But you know, I also want to try out the lace shrugged ticking idea also.

I don't normally (as in never) iron my bed linens, so, I wonder how it's going to feel sleeping on pressed sheets?

Between Blogger not letting me upload normally and my camera acting up and having to switch to the camera on my phone the pics are a bit off. Does anyone know what's up with Blogger?

Good Night~~~Happy Hunting and Gathering

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