Friday, April 27, 2012


A Cute Little Slipper Chair & Ottoman

Stopped by the Salvation Army - my fav go to thrift store - and I immediately spotted the cutest slipper chair and ottoman.  Well I looked it over, not a thing wrong with it except that it is faded a teensy bit, which is fine with me. The small scale raspberry and mint green plaid is very delightful and so springy looking. The price with discount was $17.55 for the set...great price!  But did I need it?  No I did not need it.  Did I want it? Yes...Yes...Yes.  So I left it sitting there and strolled around looking for more finds.  Occasionally I would glance over to see if anyone else was showing an interest in the set...

Well I found four lovely white cotton table cloths of varying lengths. Two are monogrammed with the letter "C".  I've been collecting monogrammed table items for awhile now...Napkins...Silver Plate.  I also have a stockpile of  small square embroidered table cloths that will look so cute on top of  these white ones.  I will use the 54" square one as a bath sheet they line dry so much faster than regular towels and I just like the feel of these against my skin. So I have a use for these. Paid $9.00 for all four.  Still thinking where I could put the chair.

Found a basket to lay the tablecloths in.  These flat, handled baskets are a recent obsession of mine and this one is particularly fine.  $.50 cents ...I know, unbelievable.  Drawing a blank on where I could put the chair set.

Next I found three rubber moulds for plaster paris.  A rose, bell and heart shape. Now I can make some appliques like Carol over at here The Polka Dot Closet does.  I've been wanting to try her technique on some of my transformations.  $1.35 for the three of them.  Yes...still thinking about where to put the chair.

Then I found a glass covered dish for trinkets and such. The knob on top is formed like a rose and embossed roses adorn the sides...gorgeous. This would work in several places, bathroom for cotton balls, bedroom for jewelry, sewing room for odds and ends, even the guest room for them to corral small things.  $1.35 - and in perfect condition.  Nope, nothing yet.

Isn't this  ceramic Gingerbread Lady cute!  She's a Victoria Littlejohn. At 9" tall she's a nice size. I might be taking her to one of my booth's, either  at Black Cat Antique Mall or Antiques and Collectibles of Coos Bay.  My continuing with the booths will be another  post.  I paid  $2.25 for her.

Oh my!!! There is a lady sitting in the chair next to my slipper chair. I nonchalantly buzzed back over to the chair and ****inspiration or desperation struck**** I needed a new chair for my side covered patio. And this one is perfect for me (I'm short) and the area (it's small).  I gave a nod and a smile to the lady in her chair and said, "yes, I am going to get this set over here".  I think I work better under pressure.

Later I will do post on the transformation of the side stay tuned!

I did up one batch of plaster rose moulds just to see how they would turn out. Just lovely, thank You! I'll be trying out the rest this weekend when my granddaughters come for sleep-over.

~A fun project to do with them~


  1. So glad you got the chair. It's so cute. Great deal on your finds. Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving such a nice comment. Welcoming to blogging!

  2. As soon as you said rubber mold I was thinking, I want them, yes, they are perfect for the appliques! I make my own out of the clay you know, I bet they are like a candy mold? Oh you will be sticking roses on everything!! And the slipper chair and ottoman,,,,that was a great score!



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