Monday, April 23, 2012

I've Been Bitten By The Blog Bug


This is going to be a learning process for me, and I will be trimming and adding to the look as I go along.  I will be sharing my junking finds, long kept treasures, altered projects, decorating ideas, and fun things from the Coast of Oregon.

For this first post I am going to share my backyard pond with you.  These photos were snapped last summer when the pond was in bloom. This view is from my back deck. Today's host is Mya, my daughters escapee Fox Terrier, she comes down through the field and visits me. 

The units are arranged so that three drops are on top level  of the stone wall and two drops and the pond itself is on the lower level. A beautiful clump of purple heather dresses the front.

Here's a back view of the pond fairy gaurding the waterfall. To her right is the lavender bloom of a Water Hyacinth and a pink Water Lilly is to her left.  

The very red lamp post is electric it had a very blah brown finish so last summer I updated to this red. And now for some reason every time I look at it I always think of those red English call boxes.  The cement bench was a Mother's day gift from my daughter Christy and my late son Gregory.

Behind and to the right of the red lamp lays a beautiful fairy reading a book. She enjoys the bits of sun and the tinkling of the water falls.

Pink pond Lilly, Water Hawthorn and small clumps of Fairy Moss.  The Water Hawthorn has the most loveliest of fragrances, on very warm still days the whole area is engulfed with it.

On the upper level I have a small seating arrangement. I have several bogs on this level so I can experiment with different types of water plants.

Lambs Ear tucked in front of red volcanic rock.

A sleeping rabbit under the bench and Abbey, my beloved and constant companion for 9 and a half years, whom now sleeps.
My ponds are made up of pre-formed units that I, along with my daughters and sister, have arranged and re-arranged over the years. It will always be a work in progress. But its fun work.  I so enjoy the whole process  and the good company.

And here is the pond on March 13th, 2012 after almost a foot of snow (we hardly ever get this stuff) from a suprise late winter storm.  It was gone in two days and the power was restored in three.  And this ends the tour of my pond. Until next time.....

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