Monday, December 14, 2015

White Ironstone Finds For A Christmas Table

I pulled out my Quaker Lace table cloth to layer under this vintage 1950's Christmas table cloth.

I realized that they both needed pressing...DARN! So I put a large, folded several times, heavy  cloth down on the table and pressed each one on the table. My table is not the greatest so I didn't have a lot of worries I'd do it damage. I'm not saying this is how it should be done but, it worked really well.
The newest finds are the platter it's just a simple squarish-oval. A Mid Century coffee pot marked USA. Some references say that it's restaurant's home ware now!!! And those pretty doily's.

 Just realized you can't even see the top of the platter!!! But here's a shot of the back. Loved that it's named Snowhite~~~

A pretty ironstone bowl with pink roses and a blue ribbon. I just filled it with glittered pine cones and glass ornaments.

The Salvation Army had about eight of these  petite sauce boats. I limited myself to just one. At fifty cents each I probably should of got two!

I also just found the silver wire and capiz shell cross while out junking. Capiz shell is so hard to whispers to me..."take me home". The shell actually comes from the Windowpane Oyster, which is edible, but valued more for their pearls and translucence shells

Picked up several boxes of those glittery snowflakes last year, so they will be popping up here and there in my decorations. I'm liking them on the table with the aged music sheets.

This little Angel is from Germany and I found him several years ago.  I think it's the most sweetest of figurines. 

 Every time I look at him (he stays out all year in my bookcase) with his hand to his heart at the wonder of the child before him, I always have a rush of sweet emotion.

Got this huge candle several years ago while out junking. It had several layers of a cellophane type wrapping, so I didn't know that it was broken in half and it was literally hanging by a wick! So I had to get creative in order to salvage it. The vintage page was the folder for the music sheets and is of a heavy weight paper so I thought that it would work well. I aged it some more and just modge podged it on.

Added a couple of different widths of lace and tied on the big button with aged rayon seam binding. 

 Used two sizes of small dishes layered with a doily and set the candle on top and propped up a snowflake. And here's my Fitz and Floyd Christmas Geese shakers from my previous post.

These pears were such a great find. They're ceramic with metal stems and I believe they were rather high end. I found them while out junking...they were offered as a set, you got the six pears and a glass bowl for one price. Of course it took about a half bottle of Goo Gone to get all of the tape residue off of them. They had secured the "set" extremely well!

Just layered a doily under the pears to add pattern and interest. Two of the plates are French Haviland and two are White Mist, Staffordshire England

Since it's mostly just me, when I have a meal, I move things over and pop down a place mat . I can have my table and enjoy it too!

~~~Thank you for popping in
Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~

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  1. I adore the table you pulled together. Very eclectic and fun! The should encourage anyone who thinks you need a lot of money to do something wonderful. I am amazed and how you grouped the whole table vignette! So glad you shared.

  2. What a lovely Christmas tablescape! The blue ribbon and flower bowl is very delicate.

  3. You have some great finds there. I love your vintage tablecloth. It is just perfect vintage Christmas!
    That candle is amazing too! Wow.

  4. Your table looks so festive with all your beautiful vintage treasures. Thank you for sharing everything at VIParty.

  5. Great finds! Your table looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas. Merry Christmas.


  6. Pretty table! Love ironstone and that gorgeous lace tblecloth.

  7. Pretty table! Love ironstone and that gorgeous lace tblecloth.

  8. Oh I love everything - the idea for ironing the table cloths is super - better than having them drape on the floor and get wrinkled again. I'll have to give that a try.

    I love the little gravy boats - I sure would have gotten all of them - I would put them at each place setting - not sure what I'd put in them - jam, pickles, olives, honey - or so many choices - they are so sweet. All your ideas are wonderful!!

  9. Hi,
    Your table looks just lovely for Christmas. Your dining chairs are so beautiful and the deck in the background looks so inviting. Have a Wonderful Christmas! Blessings! Karen

  10. I love your table, I have seen and sold many of those 1950s table clothes, I'm keeping the next one I find, it looks so good. "Snow White" table ware that's a new one for me...I love the name too! You have given me a lot of good ideas. i have some of those snow flakes too. I'll be setting my table on Wed and and thinking of you

    Have a Merry Christmas


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