Friday, May 22, 2015

Milk For Vitality

Been busy closing the shop and dealing with all those details, but, I did have time to stop at the Salvation Army for a quick look...Just what I need huh, more stuff?

These ironstone pitchers were made in the 1950's for the American Dairy Industry. I've been told that the dairy wives had a chance to win one. Not quite sure how, I think it was an essay contest. These were also given to the local Dairy Princesses...are there still Dairy Princess's???

 Nope you're not seeing double!  I found the smaller quart size on the right a few months ago. The larger one holding the dried hydrangeas holds a half gallon.
Lately I've been drawn to ironstone pieces with wording and graphics that are permanently in the glaze. Gotten a few now...but that's another post;~)

Just buying really useful things...
Two tablecloths, both round, the black one is for Halloween. And who could resist that gorgeous Wilton Court tablecloth?

I don't have a round table inside, but this will layer very nicely over a rectangular cloth...and I do have a round table in the back yard. Fun table dressing for eating in or dining alfresco !!!

I just can't resist petit point pillows...and this one has pink roses!

A Canadian made oil lamp. The glass cruet is a soft green/blue color and the piece that holds the wick is green quartz. Like to have these on hand for power outages and this one is very cool.

Double wine box that's going to get re-invented...someday!

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  1. Your ironstone pitchers are so adorable and I love the tablecloth too. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  2. Great finds- especially love those pitchers!!!

  3. What great finds at the Salvation Army! I don't find much at the one near me. I especially love the rooster tablecloth and green bottle....I have a thing for green/aqua bottles lately!!

    1. I'm so glad that we still have a Salvation Army here, they are the most reasonable thrift in the area. I'm displaying the oil bottle with my pint size Ball aqua jars, really pretty all together. Thanks for the visit!!!

  4. We don't have one of those stores nearby but I love everything you found. The tablecloth is very cute and the Milk pitchers are an amazing find. LOVE the pillow. I would call it a Downton Abbey pillow! I love seeing the ones they have on their sofas in the library. Have fun! Hugs, Diane

    1. Oh Diane, isn't Downton Abbey the best? I absolutely love that show...I watch it once for the drama then I"ll watch the same episode again for the the lovely details in the background. The costumes are phenomenal, so exquisite!!! Thanks for the visit ~ Mickie.

  5. Great finds ... love that tablecloth.


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