Sunday, January 4, 2015

Season Five


I absolutely love this series and tonight I'll snuggle up on the couch and see where this year is going to take us.  

Back in the fall I joined, as a Contributing Member, my local Oregon Public Broadcast network. As a gift to my monthly contribution, I received the first four seasons with the fifth to arrive after the January 4th airing of Downton Abbey.  I received notification that season five series shipped January 2nd.

Now I have to make the choice to watch all episodes now OR keep it sealed up and know exactly what I'll be doing every Sunday at 9:00 PM.   There's nothing really to decide...I enjoy my Sunday evenings and Downton Abbey.  So I'll just keep it in the wrapper for now!


  1. I seriously envy you. I have watched all but Season 2 and am just too cheap to order it from PBS. I may get a package deal one of these days and get the whole series. In the meantime I am glued to the TV every Sunday for Season 5. Who knew Lady Mary was such a wild one.

  2. Maggie, you need to check with your local library, they should have season 2. You can usually check them out for 7 days. Hope your library has it. I suspect Mary is who Lord Grantham is so furious with when he orders someone to leave the manor. He holds Mary to higher expectations.


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