Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pink Thrifting

Lately it's been white, grey, and PINK in my thrifting/junking finds. I just couldn't resist this Shabby Chic flat sheet and pillow slips with it's dainty little dark PINK rose pattern.

Four little cocktail napkins in what else~~~PINK.  Thinking of ink stamping these with a Paris theme.

PINK and white floral stems that I divided up into two bunches and wrapped and tied into a bow with torn fabric strips.

Love this little pot holder~~~a round one in variegated PINK.

A soft and fuzzy white on PINK chenille twin size bedspread.

What a steal~~~25 cents~~~for this GUCCI handbag in PINK. The inside's had makeup spilled in it (all but a faint trace washed out), but really, who's going to see the inside bottom of this purse? Once I fill it up I won't even see it! By the way they are getting last Gucci bag was $1.00!!!

This is a book that I got at the March library sale. It's so PINK it's almost red! I just realized I chopped off the authors name~~Barbara Shaw. This is a First, North American, 1991 edition, By Timber Press Publishers. It has 64 beautiful color plates that are 9 1/2" x 10 1/2".

And here's a few of those gorgeous color plates of different primroses~~~Just the ones in shades of PINK please!


 Okay, this one's not so much PINK...but what a name!

I"m so excited about seeing this one as I believe it is the same one my sister-in-law gave me a few years was from very old (as in 50 years or better) stock divisions of her mothers. It's very hardy...survives deer munching, drought when I forget to water and a gazillion decaying leaves on top of them all winter.

Besides a delightful name, the veining on the leaves is beautiful.

I find the names fascinating and whimsical, The range and tone of color is amazing they go from deep red to the faintest of PINK, even the white ones are all different shades of white. And the structure of the flowers and leaves are just as varied. I've always liked picture books and this one is very beautiful!

Thanks for popping in~~~
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!


  1. I love all of your pink finds! That Gucci bag is amazing!! I would have bought that too. So pretty. I love to go junking. It's the best kind of treasure hunt ever! Have a wonderful Thursday.


  2. Oh my that is the prettiest book! And you found the loveliest linens. I'm just thrilled whenever I can find Shabby Chic!

  3. Oregon has the best thrift store, every time I visit out there I love going around thrifting. I will be at the coast next weekend for a family visit and I am sure no shopping time . Not sure if we are going to Seaside I always like Lincoln City and love Garibaldi

    1. I haven't got no further than Lincoln City in the last few years. Would love to go all the way up to Astoria again! Hope the weather is SUNNY, if not, at least halfway decent then and that you can find a wee bit of time to go junking...Have a super time with your family~~~

  4. Those botanicals are gorgeous. I don't believe I have ever seen any as pretty as those.

  5. I love the pinks, especially this time of year. Your primrose plates are so the shapes of the plants and the beautiful colors.
    Mary Alice

  6. Wow, those floral pictures are incredible, what a find. Love all your pretty pinks especially the chenille bedspread. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The primrose plates are very beautiful. The whole book must be amazing. Great find!

  8. Oh I love the pink bag
    In my last comment I said I was going to get to the coast in Oregon well we went east and drove over to Sisters, It was a very good day trip we stopped and eat our way across Oregon LOL I put a few pictures on my last post


  9. love those sheets and pink purse! and the primrose names are so fun--great find!! enjoy your weekend!

  10. I can't resist any post that says "pink"!!! I love when I find shabby sheets, I use them for so many projects and that pink purse....What 25 cents...I would have been fighting you for that one!



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