Saturday, December 29, 2012

It was a White Christmas

Well~~~sort of

I took a couple of days off after Christmas to work on some items for my shop.  Here's a look at what I got finished. 

First up is a bench that I've been wanting to get done. I just polished up the frame and left it the way I found it, I had three of these Bakers Economalt bags, I sold two and kept this one for a future project.  I really like how it turned out.


A trio of Angels~~~gold frame, gold angels~~~Oohlala~~~Now they are white!!! 

The smaller ornate frame was made in Holland I just gave it and the large frame a wash of white and a bit of a rub off to show a little gold.  All I had to do to the chalkboard was to tape it off and paint the chalkboard paint on to it and add a couple of hangers to the back.

And again white, white, white. The Lyre magazine/book holder is cast iron and was gold. The little victorian looking vase was much cuter in white. The heart and star box was a maroon red...Much better in romantic white. Two small oil on canvas of Blue Roses, the roses really bloom with these white frames.

And the little bird? Didn't do a thing except give him a bath, found him at the thrift store and he asked me tweetly if I would take him to live at my shop. He's a soft translucent yellow with hand painted roses in a soft peach.

These two lovlies have been hanging out in my living room on the waiting list to be transformed.  They have springs in the seats and I had to figure out how to replace one side.  It was a challenge strength wise but a great skill to learn~~~I'll never pass up one that needs repaired again. I went traditional on the covering and used a harlequin decor fabric that I had. And again I just polished up the frames and left as is, they were in fantastic shape.  And a few darker toned pieces with all that white makes a nice balance.

And finally this adorable little magazine/night stand. I just applied the plaster roses from this post here. And distressed just the tiniest bit.


 This was one of the stars of the Marathon Trilogy series that I only completed two segments of, here is the one where I painted everything white.  I found that I could marathon sand, marathon paint, but not marathon finish all the pieces at once.  You need to concentrate on each individual item...or all the fun is gone out of it. 

~~~Happy Hunting and Gathering~~~

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  1. Doesn't it feel great to get so many projects done! I just love what a coat of white can do, your booth looks great!



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