Friday, May 29, 2015

A Tale of Ten Chairs

I find it extremely difficult to pass up a chair, which has led to so many chairs (11 at present) in my garage that I have no space for anything else....well, they are taking up valuable real estate in there!!!  With closing the shop I have an overload of "what the heck am I going to do with this stuff". Something's gotta give!!!

I have four of these chairs that I've been using for the past 10 years. I like the openness of the high back, the graceful legs, the ease of re-upholstering them, all are remarkable sturdy given their age, but they are severely lacking in comfort.  I paid less than $7.00 for ALL!

 Doesn't the back look like a birds eyes & beak?

I know, fantastic huh??? Such lovely good bones!

I found six of these chairs last summer while out junking plus a table whose legs had been chewed beyond repair, $60.00 for all. So that comes out to about $10.00 per chair...not bad, I've paid more! These guys are rock solid and so comfortable. But that 1970"s stain, which has turned a greenish hue in places, has got to go!

 All four legs are wonderfully ornate!

 The front skirt below the seat.

Love those carved flowers!

 Ornate top front and back!  I bet that padded back was originally a cane back.

Some of the chairs have had a harder life than others, nasty scrapes and a chunk of flower from the top of one is missing. Two were in the process of a makeover (I guess) because the front top upholstered piece on the back is missing and it was the stabilizer piece. Since I'm using as is for now I'll have to come up with a solution for that. Thinking maybe using drop cloth as upholstery material with a French themed stencil. 

As for the rest I can live with the traditional pattern of the upholstery, it is in good condition will work in my dining area.  I don't know if my skill level is good enough to do the back part, but I'll be giving it a go. I've only recently tried my hand at cording...I definitely need more practice. The frames will be getting painted...all that glorious detail will really show when painted, dark waxed and distressed. I even have the option of painting the fabric...not sure yet how it it's going to work out.

Here's a look at all the legs together. Even though I have six of the ornate chairs only four will sit comfortably around the table at one time. I think I'll paint the table base and legs also. I enjoyed working on projects for the shop, but somehow MY to-do list never really happened. Now I'm going to put all the time and effort into fluffing my own nest.!!!

 The cabinet at back holds my linens, serving pieces, odds & ends table stuff.
 So my solution for the two chairs that I'll need to re-upholster the back on is...they will sit on each side of this cabinet in the dining area and can easily be squeezed pulled in when more are needed. And hopefully showcase their stylish new look.

 So that is how I'm reducing the amount of chairs in my replacing six large with four smaller ones!!!  Makes perfect sense to me;~)

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Milk For Vitality

Been busy closing the shop and dealing with all those details, but, I did have time to stop at the Salvation Army for a quick look...Just what I need huh, more stuff?

These ironstone pitchers were made in the 1950's for the American Dairy Industry. I've been told that the dairy wives had a chance to win one. Not quite sure how, I think it was an essay contest. These were also given to the local Dairy Princesses...are there still Dairy Princess's???

 Nope you're not seeing double!  I found the smaller quart size on the right a few months ago. The larger one holding the dried hydrangeas holds a half gallon.
Lately I've been drawn to ironstone pieces with wording and graphics that are permanently in the glaze. Gotten a few now...but that's another post;~)

Just buying really useful things...
Two tablecloths, both round, the black one is for Halloween. And who could resist that gorgeous Wilton Court tablecloth?

I don't have a round table inside, but this will layer very nicely over a rectangular cloth...and I do have a round table in the back yard. Fun table dressing for eating in or dining alfresco !!!

I just can't resist petit point pillows...and this one has pink roses!

A Canadian made oil lamp. The glass cruet is a soft green/blue color and the piece that holds the wick is green quartz. Like to have these on hand for power outages and this one is very cool.

Double wine box that's going to get re-invented...someday!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

New Guy in the Garden

I'm ever so pleased to introduce you to, My little European Golden Boy !!!

Isn't he head to toe adorable?

I stopped in at Black Cat Antique Mall and this little guy was pretty much by himself in a booth space. I was ohhing and ahhing over him when Q (the owner) said, "do you want him?  I'll need to catch the booth owners they're just leaving with a load and he didn't fit"  After a quick curb side conversation I paid the adoption fee of $45.00, and brought him to live at my house and keep me company.

At 27" inches tall I could tuck him in anywhere, but I chose a place where I can keep an eye on  him ~ whether I'm inside or out.  Placed him on this big cement round that was already in the ground and level. Just had to do a little trimming around his shoulders and head on the bush behind him.

One of his previous "parents" painted him gold ~ I was planning a makeover that required dry brushing him with white paint, but changed my mind. I kind of like how the gold has turned green in the crevices.

 Isn't that the sweetest face ever?

His little hat with that wonderful feather! 

And his faithful puppy ~ sitting by his bare feet!

 Just off my back deck is a path by the pond to the upper level.

See him there in the back above the stairs?  

Years ago I removed part of the brick wall and made this stairway up to the upper level, but it's rather narrow ~ so off to the left is a rusty, but ever vigil, Guardian Angel, that has kept the way safe for lots of little feet for many, many years!

 Now I have somebody else besides the cats and chickens to talk to when I'm having my morning tea.
Welcome to my garden Henri Luc!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

A May Day Garden Walk

Just a little stroll on this gloriously sunny day, this very first one of May!

Okay, lets get started~~~

See all of those yellow and green specks? They come off the maple tree in the billions. The pond is just to the left and it's a total mess this time of year.  Lets follow the stone path to the side of the house.  Note to self...small yummy strawberries are blooming!

A stone pagoda nestled among two different varieties of Lungwort.

A crystal toadstool~~~yard glass art is fun to make and inexpensive when you thrift the pieces!

Lets go over to the green refuse/mulch area and check out the "I MADE IT AFTER ALL" survivors!

Ohhh! the Calla Lilie's are doing rather nicely here! I see September Flowers to the left, and an Elephants Ear in back to the right and few more Callas way in back. A yellow pond lily in the foreground that is about to bloom, guess it didn't need as much water as the tag said! These are all cast offs that were either doing extremely well or looked as if they wouldn't make here in the dead and dying bucket.

I love the crepe paper look of Rockroses and better yet the deer don't seem to care for them!

 Lets go on through the arbor!

The wisteria is finally getting a foot hold and starting to cover the top. The deer keep the lower part trimmed up very nicely!

I've trained a small white rose along the fence and across the top of the bird feeders. It will be in full bloom soon!

 These Olearia were sale plants last year...just bought one more "on sale" this year to plant to the left. The white roses are just above them along the fence.

Just a wee little break here, the ivy underneath this bench has the best little morsels! Oh, just go on with out me!!!

Both of these Rhododendrons are on the other side of the fenced area. They were ruffed up quite a bit several years ago when a big tree had to be taken down here.  With time and the fine spring weather we've had this year they are spectacular. I ordered a 1/2 load of "horse chips" to mulch underneath these and other plants and beds, already done the Rockrose area.

Back in the yard proper again. My son-in-law mowed last night (thanks sweetie, YOU ARE THE BEST) and I was suppose to edge today! The front entry stairs are just to the right.

A secret watering hole hidden among the branches of the Variegated Wigela!
German Chamomile that seeded itself along the front steps.

Baby Blue Eyes growing along the rock path to the side entrance. I started with five small plants and have divided them each year until the whole length of the walk way is edged on one side.

 I thought this photo to pretty to toss just because it had cobwebs!

Purple flowering Clematis vine, Jackmanii...I think! They're a darker purple than in the photos.


~~~Without cobwebs~~~

I planted a bunch of Irises in a pot one year, they didn't do anything so I dumped the pot that fall into a flower bed.  Viola! they have come up every spring since. They've got moved around a wee bit as I dug and shifted things around.

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