Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Belated Birthday To Marie Antoinette

 Maria Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Add Marie Antoinette at age 12 by Martin van Meytens, circa 1767-1768.
A "new find" Marie Antoinette chalkware bust that's more than meets the eye! Let me shed some light...
On a recent junking excursion to Florence with the grandkids. We followed some "C U There Estate Sales" signs in Reedsport, Oregon.  I must relay here that I've trained my G'kiddo's well, Logan spotted the first sign and then the hunt was on, with MaKenna and Ciara spotting more as we traveled through a residential area.  Great job on there part alerting me to upcoming right and left turns.  As this was a Sunday, I didn't expect to find much.   Well, I managed to pile up almost $60.00 dollars worth of stuff. But, only paid around $30.00 for all of it, as this was the last day everything had went to 1/2 off!!!

So the $5.00 "as is" price tag on this very unique 1950's Marie Antoinette lamp turned into $2.50. And "as is" is just wonderful for me. Isn't she a thing of beauty?

The power cord has been cut and the top mechanism is rather stuck so I don't think rewiring is an option.  But I'm in love with it just AS it IS. The chalkware bust has surprisingly held up well.
There's a scratch here and there and her cheeks show a few blemish's but that's about it. That line across her right eye is just that a line, thank goodness not a crack.I knew instantly that it was a Marie Antoinette lamp - even though I'd never heard of them! I clutched her to me while I continued to shop, albeit, one handed. You never, ever, set a real treasure down at one of these events!!!
The wire base once had a pretty skirt attached to it (such as the one pictured below). And there would of been a frilly hat shade to adorn her head.

Chalkware Marie Antoinette Lamp
Please follow link below to French Bleu Vintage for more information.

This lamp will not literally light up my life - but figuratively it will. I think it's just marvelous they way I found it, I don't think I'll even cut off the remaining power cord, at least for now. The wire base (oohlala, loving it) and shadeless harp are so perfectly tres chic shabby!!

If you are interested in knowing more about Marie Antoinette, please follow this link to read more about her life. 

Thank you for popping in ...
Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!