Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Sunlight

Wanted to share with you the new crochet table cloth I found while out junking. It was sealed in a plastic bag and labeled "72 x 72 inches, over 60 years old, and no stains or holes". So I doubled checked the stain/hole statement with the gal that checked me out, paid, and went my merry way.

I was thinking this would look awesome on my double bed...well think again, because the measurement was off, it was only 48" x 72".

 It works on my wood table but it definitely needs a larger white cloth underneath to show the color (ecru) and the swirl pattern off.  And I'm not going to use it for real...just for pretty! It's kind of difficult to find crochet table cloths that are in great condition around here.

So while I had the cloth on the table and the winter sunlight was coming in through my french doors I decided to work on my picture taking.

Three books that were published in the mid 1800's (one of my latest collecting must haves), a sterling candle holder and a very tall silver plate candle holder, with toile and script candles that I made.

Also, sitting on the books is a crown that I fashioned out of lamp parts. I have since given a coat of white gesso.

The big white cabinet in back is a great find from Elkton, Oregon...followed a garage sale sign one day when going through and this is what I found.  I keep table linens, my ironstone collection, and all my other pretties in there (or on top).

 A covered ironstone casserole (and a large soup tureen on top of the cabinet), gravy boat, and a squat pitcher. With a wonderful dappling and burst of winter sunlight!  This was during our cold snap, it was about 22 degrees outside....brrrr!

I have four of these porcelaine de Sologne plates they are 8 1/2" across and all feature a different fish. It's part of the cupboard stash.

Just a wee sampling of my silver and silver plate utensils. The spoon on the bottom is sterling and has beautiful pears at the top of the handle and "Ruth" engraved in the bowl and 1908 on the back of the handle.

Off to the left is a fish knife. I love how the handle is turned up from the blade.

From left to right; a meat fork with a pronged guard or rest (not sure), a beautiful serving fork in the grape pattern, next up is a wood handled fork,( I only have one wish I had more, it's one of my favorites) and on the very right an olive fork.

And two pretty floral creamers...

 As always~~~Happy Hunting and Gathering!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Been One Year

Well, it's been one year since I "Hung the Sign" did this post (my most viewed post to-date) and opened my brick and mortar shop, Paris Flea Market at 769 Virginia Avenue in North Bend, Oregon

It's been a very busy year for me.  The shop takes a lot of my time and energy, and what's left I devote to my grand children.

I take photos to do a post...but seem to never get further than that. With that said please excuse some of these photos...I have a difficult time getting a sharp and clear image (took over 200 digitals for this post alone) , hence, one of the problems of frequent posting.

And now for the photo tour......

Got two new signs for outside...this very cool VINTAGE CHIC sign and another that hangs from the awning (no pics). Already had the one to the left.

I absolutely adore this white nativity set!

I use newer NOT VINTAGE patterns for my tissue paper to wrap items in, the response is fantastic...every one notices, they even call out to others there with to come over and see.  I use to use black and cream toile tissue paper that cost a small fortune...and no one ever noticed. I very much like "keeping it simple".

I have a map of France on a cork board and have all my customers that have been to France put a pin in there favorite place.  Surprising how many people have just been to Paris.  A few people spied England and Italy and pinned locals there!!!

I had the Nutcracker with snow flakes painted on my window for the holiday season. I've always enjoyed store windows that were painted for the holidays....

Thank you for taking the time to look 
and as always...........
Happy Hunting and Gathering.